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We have “Bowling” in the Bag!

We have “Bowling” in the Bag!

Our family went bowling recently when my Navy son was home visiting with Stephanie, his wife, and their 7 month old “perfect” baby! All four of my grown children and their families went to the lanes. I was dreading going but to my surprise had a great time. I had unknown talent and was proud when one of my son’s wanted me on their team because I was pretty good. Thank goodness, I had those classes back in the 6th grade! Who knew that I would be the bowling giant that I am today because of those classes. My family was good too as you can tell by the pictures below.

David did well!

Daniel and Stephanie bowl at the base a lot. They were pretty good!

Didn’t take Michael long to get up to speed!

Doug got another “strike” or was it a “hole in one”???

What form, Stephanie!!!

Mark and Hannah…. Bowling King and Queen

The children were bowling too!

Some of the children just liked the food and being a part of a fun day!

What a pretty bowler!

We had a great day……. don’t remember who won…….. that wasn’t the important part!

Teresa Johnson


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