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Painting my Red Chest!

 Painting my Red Chest!

I bought a red chest at a flea market several years ago. I have always liked the red color. It houses undershirts and socks for my husband in our bedroom. The rest of my bedroom is beige, a dark champagne color, and light blue turquoise. I thought about painting this red chest to the blue – turquoise color. 

I changed my mind a few weeks ago. I was showing a subdivision model home and the living room couch was the dark champagne color and the throw pillows were beige with a red and turquoise pattern. The house was decorated with the red and turquoise theme. Those colors really look good together.

So I decided to paint a large heron bird with flowers on the front of this red chest. I think it turned out well. Now I need to add a few throw pillows with the red and turquoise pattern to my bed. I have an old dresser that I plan to paint red, then turquoise and distress to go with this piece. I will post pictures of the dresser once I get it finish.

 I plan to paint the hardware black.

Teresa Johnson


Made from 100% Silk Store Shirt-Ruche Inspired Under the Sea Necklace

Made from 100% silk – Made from 100% silk thrift store shirt

Ruche Inspired Under the Sea Necklace

This is so cute and so easy to make using recycled clothing! Would love any other ideas to create using recycled clothing!


Teresa Johnson


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