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Home Arts by Teresa Johnson

As a Mom, a Woman, a Wife and a REALTOR in the North Atlanta area, I love the HOME! I love everything about the HOME! I even sell the HOME! I was a HOME Economics Major in college. I love what makes a HOUSE feel like a HOME… a safe and warm place to come and get away from the WORLD! I am very active with many people in my community and I show a lot of HOMES. As I visit so many places, I see  great decorating, organizing, cooking, gardening and cooking ideas. So I decided to write a blog about my local domestic adventures. I am not the greatest writer so please look beyond my words into the fantastic creative genius and creations of the people I come across in the North Atlanta communities. Feel free to comment and share your ideas. Also, if you need a Great Real Estate Agent who will really care for you feel free to contact me through my website.

Thank you for visiting with me for a while!

Teresa Johnson


2 thoughts on “Home Arts by Teresa Johnson

  1. Teresa,
    You have a lovely blog! You’re a women after my own heart. : ) I love anything “home”. My favorite hobby is what I call “model home hopping”. Fantastic way to get ideas! I will enjoy reading your blog.


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