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Welcome to North Georgia Quarter Midget Association

Taken from North Georgia Quarter Midget Association

Welcome to the
North Georgia Quarter
Midget Association

“Racing For Kids”



Our mission is to provide a safe and rewarding first racing experience to our driving members, and to provide a memorable family sporting activity which teaches the life skills of safety, competition, sportsmanship, and respect.

We also encourage the development of driving skills that will increase the ability of our kids, ages 5-16, to safely drive a full size vehicle when they grow up, and to know that there is a correct time and place to drive fast… in a race and at the track, and not on the public roadways.

HOW DO I GET STARTED RACING? Click Here for all the details.

Our Track:  We are fortunate to be racing at one of the nicest Quarter Midget Racing facilities in the country.  We are located at the Cumming Fair Grounds, at the north end across from the Police Station.



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