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Beautiful Garden by a Master Gardener

Beautiful Garden by a Master Gardener

As a REALTOR in the North Atlanta and North Georgia areas, I have decided to post some of the beauty I see in people’s homes and yards. I do ask permission and I don’t post their names or addresses.

 All the time I hear “I wish I had your job because you see so many beautiful homes!” That is my life so I will share what I see with you.

In this picture, this homeowner told me that she was a master gardener. Every since she retired she had been taking classes at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

We walked out into the backyard of this home which is located in a normal neighborhood. Through the kitchen door we noticed that there were blooms everywhere beginning to peek out beyond their green leaves. The deck was painted to look as if it was made of redwood. Overhead was an trellis also painted red. We were surrounded by potted plants of every sort and every inch of the yard was designed with paths, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, birdhouses and beehives. Hummingbirds were flying around our heads. The yard was fenced in and had decorative gates. Yellow, blue, orange flowers were bursting open, almost singing. Standing in this garden, I almost felt that I had my feet in two seasons. I was standing in the the last days of summer yet seeing the beginning of Autumn.

Teresa Johnson

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Garden by a Master Gardener

  1. Stephanie on said:

    So pretty! That is a nice spot for shots of your beautiful grandbabies. Your pics are enticing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Jane Harvell
    Teresa-I must show these pics to George. He loves gardens and ponds. Beautiful pictures-so peaceful!!

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