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The Gate, The Lizard and the State Botanical Gardens!

Botanical Gardens

The Gate, The Lizard and the State Botanical Gardens!

While the grandkids were visiting us recently, we decided to take them to the University of Georgia and the State Botanical Gardens! Both were near by and free except for a donation at the Gardens. They loved it. As we got out of the car, the first thing my 5-year-old grandson saw was a “blue tail” lizard on the steps! From that point on, he and his 2-year-old sister explored behind every leaf looking for lizards, frogs and butterflies!

That was one of the hottest days of the summer, but we didn’t let that stop our fun. There were plenty of room for running and playing alone the paths. Turn a corner and there would be another path leading to a new adventure. We looked for frogs but never did find any although I am sure that they were probably watching us from the many lily pads.

The Garden is approximately three miles south of UGA’s  campus. It was founded in 1968. We only visited a few gardens but the total property spans over 300 acres and borders the Middle Oconee River. The Gardens include the Native Flora Garden, Shade Garden, International Garden, Herb and Physic Garden, Flower Garden, Conservatory Collection, Conifer Collection, the Natural Areas, Special Collections, Wildlife in the Garden, and Garden Art.

Looking for Frogs

While resting in the shade on some benches in the “Heritage Gardens”, we noticed that there were several people close by “filming”. The kids were noisy so we didn’t stay long. As we were walking down the path, a man from the filming group approached us. I thought “oh no, he is going to ask us to be quiet”. To my surprise, he introduced himself and told us that  special “gates” were being placed in the garden. They were design by artists and they are “art” structures. They were there that day filming a video about the artist and her work. He said they thought it would be great to have the children around the gate as part of the video. How Exciting! That would be a special experience!

The Gate!

Of course, with children you don’t ever know how things will turn out…..  My grandson was instructed to “open the gate”. There were several problems with that request. First of all, the gate latch was too high to reach for a five-year old. Next, the gate was designed to be “art” and the door didn’t open very well.  Our grandson tried and tried to open it and could not. He turned, looked into the camera and in a loud voice he said, “What’s the matter with this STUPID gate?”  We finally opened the gate for him and let him walk through. The Video Production people smiled and told us that we did a great job. They were really nice. By the way, the gates were wonderful and beautiful! My grandson, who is my little “star”,  may be called again for other parts in the movies because of his great “walking throught the gate” video…… I know Hollywood will be calling soon….we are setting by the phone……… waiting………..waiting……..

Grandma Teresa and Kids!

Teresa Johnson

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