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Buford Georgia’s Public Gardens at the Waterworks!

Buford Waterworks and Public Gardens; 352 N Waterworks Rd ; Buford, GA 30518 (770) 932-7985   

 The Buford Waterworks was built in 1932 to filter the water coming from Lake Lanier. Buford and Gwinnett County receives its water from Lake Lanier and Gwinnett County Water Plant. This facility filters 2 million gallons a day.




The Lanier Community Garden is located at the Lanier Filter Plant at the Waterworks. In 2011, there were 85 plots. They were free to the community “first come- first serve”. The  county residents also donate a portion of the vegetables they raise to the local food bank. There is a special garden where all the gardeners help raise additional food which is totally designated for the food banks.

The gardens have an association that oversees their members, offers classes,

and  organize clean up days. The classes which are offered include beginner and advance gardening, pest control, composting, and organic gardening.

When I visited and took the pictures, I loved how neat and clean the gardens were. Also, I loved the scarecrows and the decorative touches. The Buford Gardeners are true “Gardening” artist!

Teresa Johnson, Keller Williams Realty

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