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Wonderful Baby Shower! Great Taste in Roswell Georgia!

Wonderful Baby Shower! Great Taste in Roswell Georgia!

Blue Buffet

Furniture Finds! Baby Shower!

 I recently attended a “Baby” Shower for our dear family friend.
One of her college friends hosted the event at her remodeled home in Roswell. I parked in front of a well kept Brick Federal Style home built in the 1980’s. 

I was blown away by her decorating talent! This picture is an example of what she can do with that talent!  This is the Dining Room Buffet. The Dining Room was covered with “dated” wallpaper when she bought the property. The first step was to remove the wallpaper. That was quite a job to remove the paper, get the walls smooth and then came the repainting. The wall color was just perfect! She bought this old buffett and sent it away to be painted and distressed. I think that it was painted tan then blue. Once it was sanded the tan showed up where the wood was bare. She replaced the hardward with glass reproduction knobs.

The picture sitting on the buffet is actually one of the window panes which was not discarded when the windows throughout the house were replaced. She had attactive paper which looks like the ones that are sold at the craft store. She added a large “J” in the middle for her last name.
The flower arrangements were in tall, slender glass vases with white “cone” shape Hydrangeas from her yard. The flowers were very “southern” and I enjoy seeing it.
The Sweet Momma to Be. A little Boy is due. Our shower game was to hand paint the little one his “onesy” outfits.    There were several great artist in our group. I was not one of those.
As I was leaving I snapped this picture. I thought her new kitchen cabinets were different. The cabinet on the end is a gray-green color and looks like a hutch. This cabinet was built in also. Nice Change from the normal kitchen cabinet look.
I appreciate that You came to my Blog. Hope you got a full good ideas!

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