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Making a Flower Arrangement doesn’t have to be Intimating!!.


Flower Arrangement

Making a Flower Arrangement doesn’t have to be Intimating!!

The most beautiful decorations of any dinner table or the centerpiece of a room can be an eloquent flower arrangement. Whether it a few simple pansies or a rose bouquet, the flowers will always take center stage!

 Anyone can make these designs with a few simple tools and a little imagination. Recently my mother and I needed to make flower arrangements for a Church Fundraiser and we were on a limited budget.

We visited a flea market in Cumming and bought several vases and cookie jars. The  beautiful vase to the left was only $5. After we purchase our treasures, we went to Michael’s Craft Store bought silk flowers, floral foam, and Spanish Moss. The purchase included large pink and dark purple hydrangea, yellow and white daisies, an assortment of small pink, yellow and blue flowers. I do need to learn all the names of those wonderful flowers!  The end result was prize that anyone would have loved to purchase. (We hoped!)

Other arrangements, that we created include some made from cookie jars. We only paid $3.50 each for those also at the flea market.  Our  broken handle basket that had the painted with a “country store” picture on the front was only $3.00. It made the cutest springtime arrangement and we didn’t need the handles anyways! The fundraiser was brighten by our array of floral arrangements and a group of deserving kids got to go to camp who would not be able to go if this Church had not raised money!

When creating your project, try not to load the arrangement with too many flowers. Although, that can be difficult because they are so beautiful and it is so much fun trying to make the design look  “just right”! Try to find flowers that bloom in the same season. If  God puts those colors together naturally, then they definitely work with each other. Consider the shape while you are designing. Do you want the piece to be tall, rounded, or directed towards the right or left? Usually the design looks better if you use an uneven number of flowers. There are many ideas for the base. Use your imagination. It does not always need to be a vase. What else could it be? Look through websites, books and shops to get your inspiration. Take a few classes at your local park or craft shop. Practice, Practice, Practice.

One last thought, one of the greatest joys is when my sister-in-law, Karen, comes and visits. She always brings me a gift of flowers from her garden. She usually picks a handful of flowers, wraps them in a piece of cloth and ties them with a ribbon. The only thing that compares to the beauty of that arrangement is her sweet smile. Can you think of anyone today that might enjoy a few homegrown flowers from you today?

Written by Teresa Johnson. 

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